My Journey With Sidz

Sagar Sangam Sahu
2 min readFeb 9, 2022

My HOF video is live now

I would like to share My Top 10 Points that helped me to reach HOF 🙏🏻

1. Attending hackathon & no matter what

2. I was stuck with finding my micro niche — I just look back at what problem I solved for myself

(Especially You can coach book, niche clarity chapter I read more than 5–6 times to find my micro-niche)

3. I was struck with finding a micro-target market, as sidz says look at mirror

that is exactly what I did ,,, I just select my old version as my micro-target market

4. Also, I was stuck with finding the right method, Again I just look back at my journey, found something I used to get some results

5. My biggest breakthrough was to ask money for live training, before coming to this community is I never charged money, Just depending upon affiliate commission

6. Another breakthrough I took the challenge to give 100 1–1 calls in one month, but I achieved 65, 30 Mins Strategy Calls in One Month

Which helped me to know each and every concern my customer is facing. This helped me a lot at sales conversion

8. Influence building — Taking 365 Day FB Live Challenge, This is my biggest achievement in terms of consistency, commitment to show up every single day, …….helped me to build instant trust and planting seed, that leads to generating a lot of organic sales in automation

9. Pure Intention to serve what I learned from sidz , helped me to build a deeper connection with my audience & they become my loyal customer

10. Staying connected with this community and following what sidz says is the best way to achieve the next milestone

Announcing My Next Goal is To Hit Core Club By Sep 2022

Thank you @sidz108 my sincere gratitude to you & this powerful community …