My Journey With Bada Business As A IBC (Independent Business Consultant)

Sagar Sangam Sahu
4 min readSep 21, 2020

I will share my journey by sharing a quote which changed my life’s perspective

The Best Investment of your cash can any time crash but the best investment in your brain will get you highest gain.-
Dr Vivek Bindra

I started following Dr. Bindra from 2016 in his early days of youtube

I never missed any single video from him

I started implementing his learning in personal life first and got great results helped me to remove bad habits from my life

when I went to Delhi for a new job in 2017, I always search opportunity to meet him

I could not afford his live events because of my low salary

I met him for the first time on 1st Jan 2018 when I was in a camp from Iskcon Youth Forum for Vrindavan

Form that day I am more focused towards my growth, improve myself on both a personal level and professional level

I could see my growth in my career

In 2019 when he launched BadaBusiness Mobile app for Indian entrepreneur then I think this is the best opportunity to learn from him

But due to my office work and financial problem, I could not able to do it

I waited for the next EAE event

In the meantime, Dr. Bindra Launched IBC where he was giving all his courses free for a lifetime and also you can earn by referring with people

Then I joined without thinking anything to get all lifetime course (All present or future course)for free

I had no money to invest because of my education loan not even with my father but I have taken a loan again and borrowed from friends

November 30, 2019, I got Lifetime Membership of all courses and training by the Bada Business team

This time I got a chance to attend Dr. Bindra Live Event on Feb 11–12–13 2010

I was not actively promoting because I have Job,

The main purpose of joining IBC was to Learn from Vivek Bindra sir for a lifetime with a one-time investment

I know one thing that I cant work with all business and start my entrepreneurship journey very late

I feel the best way to do is invest in mentorship who has already done and worked with top companies

If I have to shorten my learning curve and save 100’s of years then I have to invest in my learning, mentorship, and the community which help me to remove the blind spot in my entrepreneur journey

From the EAE(Everything About Entrepreneurship) Course, I have implemented on my work it gave me great results both on my Leadership and Sales

I started working actively in the month of May 2020 because of corona hit my job really bad way I had to work with more than a 50% salary cut

I started generating leads and starts calling on nights and weekends whenever I get time after my job

By the month of Aug 2020, I am able to generate i.e 1,23,000,

Means recovered all my investment

My honest review on ibc, Its is good for someone

a)who wanted to start a business but don’t have any idea

b)someone who lost job can look for a good career

c)wanted to add a new revenue stream to exiting business

d)losses to exiting business wanted to start a new business

Study shows the knowledge business will going to hit billions in upcoming years to come and this will never die

You will be paid for your advice

The country like America is 20 years ahead of us in terms of knowledge business

After Corona hit severely on business, Our PM also announced that business owners need to watch out their business model

Because to start a brick and mortar business is not easy which is capital intensive

But in IBC you are getting back your money that you invest + with lifetime access to courses + you will get lifetime training & mentorship support from the Badabusiness team with no additional cost to you

You will get marketing collateral and technology support to boost your sales

You will get a website build with your contact details for life

Like this Bada Business — Digital Dukaan

I strongly believe Dr Vivek Bindra & Team is going to solve all of our business problems and save our precious time and money

If you have any query on Bada Busines products and services can ask on the comment section or reach out to me on messenger